Montavilla Neighborhood Association

Chair David Linn calls the MNA Board to an emergency meeting tomorrow night!

MNA Emergency Board Meeting Thursday, February 1, 7 pm Paitong Thai Cuisine on 80th and Glisan ( 8000 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213),

Meeting to discuss recommendations from the Land Use & Transportation Committee regarding Adjustment Review 17-193030 AD, the redevelopment of the gas station at NE Glisan and NE 82nd Ave.

You can find the public notice for the land use review here:

The applicant is requesting two Adjustments to the Zoning Code for a new convenience store-type building and new/redeveloped gas station:

  1. To increase the maximum building setback along NE Glisan Street from 10 feet to 183 feet (Section 33.130.215.C.2) for the new food sales building; and
  2. To increase the maximum vehicle area frontage from 50 percent to 69 percent along NE 82nd Avenue and 87 percent along NE Glisan Street (Section 33.266.130.C.3).

The board voted on this letter in response to the proposal put forward by the Land Use & Transportation Committee on Sunday, but proper notice was not given to the applicant. The applicant has now been informed and invited to this discussion.An emergency meeting is necessary to meet the City’s deadline for responses of February 2, 2018.